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Disability Income Protection

As a Federal, Postal or DC government employee you are not provided with short-term disability insurance from the federal government. If you are out of work and have exhausted all of your sick and annual leave, your income from the federal government will stop. You will need an additional source of income.

We offer Disability Income Protection Plans custom designed for government employees to fill this need. As a government employee you are guaranteed to be approved for up to $3,000† per month.*

Features of Disability Income Programs (may vary by state):

  • Benefits available on the 15th day. Covers both sickness and accidents. 1st day coverage if hospitalized for sickness.
  • Benefits available from $600 to $3,000† per month.
  • 24-hour coverage. Group rates. No medical exam needed to qualify.
  • Pre-existing conditions covered after the first year.
  • Pays 100% in addition to any other benefits or disability insurance you may have.
  • Pays 50% in addition to worker's compensation.
  • Maternity covered the same as any other sickness.
  • Many other outstanding benefits also available.


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* But in no event more than 60% of your monthly (gross) income.

† A maximum benefit of $2,000 in certain states.