2019 Furlough Information

The Federal Employees Benefit Association proudly supports and values our government employees. The government shutdown is a major concern for all of us.

In light of the recent furlough, we at FEBA wanted to provide you with information in regard to your valuable insurance policies.

For those of you affected, your policies may not be funded and may be in danger of lapsing.

Pay and Benefits Information for Employees Affected by the Lapse in Appropriations, dated January 11, 2019, it states “Since no allotments can be made if you’re not receiving pay, you may want to review your allotments to determine whether you’ll need to make alternative arrangements.”

To see OPM’s guide for the shutdown, click here.

Missed premiums can be sent directly to:

            Tower Administrative Services
            8 Marticville Rd
            Lancaster, PA 17603 
            Attn: Allotment Department

For deduction amounts or questions,
call 1-800-437-1670 press option #1 then option #3.

We ask that you please make any efforts you can to send in missed premiums to prevent your insurance policies from lapsing. In the event that you are unable to make premium payments at this time please contact us. We at FEBA are here to assist our government employees in any way possible.