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Disability Insurance - FAQs and Helpful Information

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  • When does my coverage go into effect?
    Your policy becomes effective on the date when the premium is first deducted from your account or paycheck.
  • I have some pre-existing health conditions. Will I be covered if I become disabled due to my pre-existing condition?
    Your pre-existing conditions will be covered after you have been in the program for one year.
  • Does this policy cover routine maternity (childbirth)?
    Yes, routine maternity is covered (the inception of the pregnancy must occur after the policy effective date).
  • What is the maximum monthly benefit I can sign up for?
    You can sign up for the lesser of $3000 per month or 60% of your base salary.
  • Can I get more than $3000 per month?
    As a federal employee, you are guaranteed to be approved for $3000 per month (or 60% of your pay, if less). There are no health questions for amounts less than $3000. You can apply for greater amounts (up to $5000 per month), but you are not guaranteed to be approved. Health questions must be answered. In no event can you apply for more than 60% of your salary.
  • Does this coverage cover me if I'm hurt on the job?
    If you are hurt on the job, and covered by workers compensation, the plan will pay you 50% of your monthly benefit.
  • How long do I have to be out before coverage begins?
    This is referred to as the elimination period. You can choose to have benefits begin after either a 14 day or a 30 day elimination period.
  • Can I keep the policy if I leave the federal government? Would the costs stay the same?
    Yes, this policy is guaranteed renewable. Although you must be a federal employee to sign up, you can keep the coverage for as long as you like, up to age 70, even if you leave the federal government. The premiums would not change.
  • Does this policy cover both accidents and sicknesses?
    Yes, disabilities due to both sickness and accidents are covered.
  • Can I be turned down for this disability coverage?
    If you are a full time federal employee, under age 70, and for the past 30 days have been performing normal activities and have been actively at work full time, at your regular occupation, you cannot be turned down for this coverage.
  • Are disabilities due to mental and emotional conditions covered?
    No, mental and emotional conditions are not covered.
  • I have disability coverage with another company. Can I sign up for your plan as well?
    Yes, but your total monthly benefit with both companies cannot exceed 60% of your pay.
  • Can my spouse get the coverage?
    Your spouse can apply for coverage, but is not guaranteed to be accepted. Medical questions must be answered.

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